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Wild Mushrooms are a savory, healthy way to add dimension to any dish. Chefs have been using gourmet mushrooms to enhance their cuisine for centuries. Wild mushrooms are versatile and each has its own unique qualities.

Featured Mushroom Selection

Dried Morel Mushrooms
Dried Morel Mushrooms
1.05 oz.; $25.19
French Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms Dried 16 oz.
French Golden Chanterelle
16 oz.; $72.00
Asian Porcini Mushrooms Fresh Frozen 1 lb
Asian Porcini Mushrooms
Fresh Frozen 1 lb.; $27.20

The meaty Shiitake mushroom is very popular in Oriental cuisine. The Porcini, which means piglets in Italian, is a favorite of both Italian and French chefs.

Porcini mushrooms are a key ingredient in many traditional dishes and the French call them Cèpes.

Golden Chanterelle mushrooms are revered for their yellow coloring, apricot-like bouquet and distinctive taste. Wild mushroom connoisseurs adore our dried Shiitake, Cèpe, Chanterelle and Morel mushroom blend.

Our selection of gourmet mushrooms includes canned, dried and frozen mushrooms. Each offers a remarkable taste and quality to sautés, sauces, soups, pates and stews.

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When it comes to our fresh mushrooms, the range of flavors is outstanding: meaty and aromatic morels, fleshy and fresh chanterelles, small and sweet mousserons, and of course shiitake. Discover all that the delicious world of mushrooms have to offer...
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