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We bring you the finest smoked salmon and smoked seafood products shipped right to your door. Whether you are a smoked salmon connoisseur or trying smoked salmon for the first time, you’ve found the best smoked salmon available.

Featured Smoked Salmon Selections

Scottish Smoked Salmon Hand Sliced 8 oz Kosher
Scottish Smoked Salmon
Pinnacle; Hand Sliced $19.20
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced 1 lb Kosher
Norwegian Smoked Salmon
Fossen; Hand-Sliced $24
Smoked Salmon Mousse w/Spinach 3.6 lb
Smoked Salmon Mousse
Terroirs d'Antan; $66.81

Smoked Salmon Specialties

Salmon Mousse | Caster Kippers

Norwegian salmon is smoked in Norway, and is of superior quality. The generously trimmed fillets are cured with a mixture of sugar and salt applied by hand, they are then smoked by experts following traditional guidelines.

This superior grade of Atlantic salmon is selected according to the strictest criteria. It is dried cured with salt and sugar, then undergoes a cold-smoking process over oak wood chips.

Smoked salmon
Whether you are looking for Norwegian Smoked Salmon or Scottish Smoked Salmon, we've got you covered! Smoked salmon is often sliced very thinly and is often served on bagels with cream cheese, or on Melba toast with sliced red onion, lemon and capers.
norwegian smoked salmon scottish smoked salmon
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