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A tender boneless pork shoulder available in "Semi-Dry" or "Dry Cured" variations. "Hot" is rolled in red pepper and paprika. "Sweet" is less spicy and rolled in black pepper. Great for appetizer and party platter recipes.
Cooked Salami
An authentic, Italian-style deli meat. The mild, coarsely chopped blend of pork and beef is lightly seasoned with garlic and spices, then oven-baked. It's a very popular sandwich ingredient.
Genoa Salami
A lightly spiced, finely ground dry salami with a distinctive flavor blended with a touch of vintage wine. Natural casing Genoa features pork and beef varieties with all-pork recipes also available. This versatile salami is found in salad, sandwich and snack recipes.
Hard Salami
Naturally wood smoked, firm and meaty. This dry sausage offers a blend of pork and beef, with a subtle hint of garlic. The rich, smoky taste is best suited for snacks and sandwiches.
Hot Ham
A leaner variation of Capicola – 95% fat-free. It is delicately spiced and rolled in a savory mixture of red pepper and paprika, then slow-baked to a rich, deep color. This moist and tender ham will spice up any sandwich.
Ground smooth as silk, this mellow cooked sausage is savory to the senses and velvet to the tongue. Mortadella with pistachios is also available. Our mortadella shows up in sandwiches, party platters and hot entrees.
Peppered Ham
A lean, traditional ham that is boned the old-fashioned way, then cooked-cured to mouthwatering goodness. Rolled in coarse black pepper for full Classic Italian flavor.
A natural blend of pork, beef, zesty crushed red pepper and rich, dark paprika. This truly Classic Italian favorite is available in several sizes for everything from pizzas to hearty sandwiches.
The masterpiece of Classic Italian delicacies crafted from our finest select hams, hand-rubbed, slowly air-dried and aged to the peak of perfection. It is available sliced paper thin to combine with other ingredients in appetizer, breakfast, entree and antipasto recipes.
Salami Cotto
Our finest all-pork, cooked salami, featuring a coarse ground texture flavored with whole garlic and imported spices. It's a terrific sandwich and party platter item.
This all-pork, coarse ground, dry salami is enhanced by exotic spices giving it a true ethnic appeal. It is available in "Venetian", "Neopolitan" and "Abbrusezze" varieties with both hot and sweet flavor profiles. You will find this salami in many antipasto recipes.
Foie gras, fresh pate de foie gras, goose foie gras
When your meat case or menu calls for the epitome of gastronomic indulgences, or the variety to excite the palette or presentation, we are pleased to supply you with the highest quality Specialty Meats, from Prosciutto di Parma to Wagyu Beef...
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